It's Time To Build Immense Authority As A Coach

We Narrate, Nurture and Position You As An Authority!

It’s time to build that brand together, while we look after the technical stuff, you keep showing up and creating a wave in the industry!

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What is BrandTheYou?

BrandTheYou is a personal branding agency solely dedicated to building powerful personal brands for online coaches, consultants and freelancers all over the world.

Especially when you are in online business, your digital presence matters! It matters the first time and every single time.

We help you create that brand of you. All your business strategies will be of high value because it is coming from YOU. That “YOU” which is passionate, loving, determined, imperfect, committed, warm. Everything of you and everything of your business makes an amazing personal brand! Are you ready to build your personal brand? Do Book a strategy call now!




Personal Branded Website

A dedicated website to your brand name with customized logo, colors and a highly responsive website. It’s time to own a place on the internet.

SEO Web Content

Merely owning a website doesn’t help, we assist in structuring your web content, and an extensive session on SEO.

Positioning With Brand Collaterals

To position yourself as an authority, we provide E-book services. Now show your expertise by becoming an author.

Our Trademarked
Process & Workflow.

We have created a system to help you position yourself as an authority in your coaching field.

This is going to be a fun journey that is going to empower you with all the personal branding assets. The next time, people won’t ask your name. They google it!

Strategy Call

Here we try to understand you, your goals, business, ethics, and branding journey. We will send you worksheets and survey forms to fill.


We then connect you to our expert team of designers and content team to fetch a blueprint of your website. Your dream project is our priority.

The Work

Our team will decide on the deadline and start working on your dream project. Proving weekly updates about the progress through meets.

The Delivery

Once the website, SEO content is ready. We sit over a call to confirm the finalised output. Then we train you with sessions to scale your business.

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The following terms and conditions govern all use of the website and all content, services, features, activities, and products available at or through the website. The Services are owned and operated by Brand The You (“Neil Patel Digital”, “us” or...

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James Greene- Founder Of Hustle Full Throttle

A personal brand is an asset, adds credibility, and can open doors that would otherwise not be there prior. This is the fertile age for start-ups. But there is a high percentage of businesses that don't make it into success. The reasons might be many, but legal...

What People are Saying?

Brunda has done great work with respect to building my personal brand. I knew the direction, and she helped me get there, to my dream table through the powerful branding of my website, social media and ebook.

Harrsha Punjabi

Social Media Marketer

A Personal Letter

Choosing to be an online coach comes with passion. There would be days when you create content and courses and still reach nowhere. Because, it is the competition and the saturated market! My dear coach, business owner, you need to position yourself as an authority in this field. You need to own brand assets and needle movers in the business game.

We want you to be running a successful online business. We have a way, technical solutions that can scale your business and get premium clients.

The  decision to become a game-changer is in your hands now. Be the leader, show them what you got and know what it takes for a business to become a successful personal brand.


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