A Talk With Productivity Coach Lynn Bojor

A Talk With Productivity Coach Lynn Bojor

No matter who you are, which phase of life you are in, or which niche you choose, there is always something that determines your success. That would be how productive you can be with your time. Twenty-four hours is a lot of time, my friend. But not all of us have the luxury to spend it the way we want. And if we want to master time, then self-discipline is the secret we all know of. But it isn’t easy, we have to create systems around it, set the right trigger system which will prepare us for success.

This is exactly what productivity coach Lynn Bojor does. She is helping business owners with managing their time and being more productive to scale their business. Read on to know her brand story.

She is nineteen, a student, and has figured out how to live life. This can be seen with her being an author, a coach, and managing her blog on her own. She has figured out the best ways to stay productive and has now is determined to solve a million problems by hacking your daily routines and bringing out the best ways to stay productive and live your goals.

Because you do not want to keep chasing your dreams. You gotta live them!

Let’s read on how she has come until now through this interview. Know her better while she is growing into a strong personal brand. Also she started out when the pandemic hit, so stay tuned.

Why did you choose lifestyle productivity as your niche?

Before I had things figured out up to this time, I’ve just always loved making things easier for business owners in any way I can.

I had a substack blog where my aim was to provide clarity for entrepreneurs then I moved to host my own blog: The Entrepreneur’s Clarity Compass (TECC)

After gaining a little bit more clarity,

I figured that balancing work and personal life as an entrepreneur is one common issue and I had an interest in finding answers to these — That’s why I picked the productivity niche.

Later on, I discovered that productivity is a chain. To remain productive at work; there are other parts of your life that you need to take care of as well:

Your habits towards food, social media, sleep, and work ethics — This is why I niched down to lifestyle productivity.

What is the common pain point you see in your target audience?

I’d say not being able to eat the cake and have it.

I mean; not being able to do well at work and still have extra time to chase other things that matter like good relationships with friends and families, hobbies, side hustles, school/a job, and most importantly their health.

What can you promise the creators and business owners who are your target audience with your coaching?

After a 1 month’s session with me, you’ll understand yourself and your productivity patterns better.

A lot of my clients have reported having understood the concept of self-awareness better after roughly two weeks after our sessions.

They’ve also understood why things work the way they do and how to synchronize with your productivity patterns instead of trying to force things.

What are the different kinds of coaching programs you offer?

For now, I only offer one-on-one coaching programs and group accountability sessions because it helps me understand my clients better and build a solid foundation for my coaching business.

Why is productivity so important to our lives?

Well, putting in an effort to understand productivity can be of benefit to one in many ways but excessively focusing on or becoming obsessed with building productivity systems is a distraction in itself.

I also show my clients the few disadvantages of productivity and how to properly manage these.

How did being more productive benefit you?

Understanding and experimenting with various aspects of lifestyle productivity has impacted me in so many ways that I have become emotionally attached to my work (which has its advantages and disadvantages)

Since I understood productivity, I’ve been able to sleep better, lose some excess fat, get rid of bad habits and build good ones, and I’ve learned how to be consistent with tasks that require regular attention.

It’s also helped me with managing my time.

As a student building a brand, I could attend classes, exercise regularly, have time for my business, and still have extra time to learn how to play the guitar which I love so much.

Being able to control my daily activities and constantly crush my goals has also made me more confident in myself and my work processes and not to mention that I’ve met many amazing people like you Bru, during this time.

Can you share one incident from your childhood that helped you choose your niche and sculpt your career?

It’s nothing special but growing up, our parents were always so busy and came back tired from their 9–5 jobs and never really had enough time for their children or anything else.

Now, things have become so much easier since people can work from home and have enough time on their hands to pursue other things that matter.

Now, the issue some people may run into could be how to prioritize and manage all these things that seek attention for your time.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, I must have become an even better version of who I am right now.

My coaching business would have helped at least 5,000 people understand their productivity patterns and live healthy and fulfilling life.

I also see myself visiting other parts of the world as it is a dream of mine to have or accept public speaking engagements to teach other people the things I am knowledgeable about.

What is one piece of advice you give to your peers while building a personal brand?

While setting up systems and structures for yourself and your business, don’t try to reinvent the wheel — follow others who have expertise in those areas.

While doing this, don’t do it mindlessly. Question everything and find what works for you.

It will boost your confidence in yourself and in your work process. You will get better results as well.

How can one reach out to you and benefit from your services?

I am on Twitter as Lynn Bojor. I simplify productivity for creators and business owners on there.

You can also check out my blog where I have created content that you might find helpful if you’re a student, creator or business owner.

If you need to work with me or to book a coaching session you can DM me on Twitter or use my linktree which has other ways of reaching me embedded in it.

That was Lynn Bojor who shared some amazing tips on productivity and her journey. I would love to see more of her work and serve more clients and change lives.

If you are looking to get inspiration to build your own brand and become a coach, head over to the blog section, we have inspiring stories that can help you. Also if you are looking to build your own personal brand and need help, this article on How to build a personal brand might help you.

Stay tuned.

Meenakshi Lohani- Building Brands With Words!

Meenakshi Lohani- Building Brands With Words!

Today, we are going to meet a person who has fallen head over heels with words. She has a way with words that makes a person stop scrolling and read what she has to say, a power, I might add. To influence people, through the magic of words alone.

Meenakshi Lohani is a content and copywriter who specializes in writing long-form blogs, ad copies, and landing pages. Throughout her career, she has worked with Indian and global clients, in B2B and B2C domains.

Her writing is a mix of stats and stories. She thoroughly understands the importance of data-driven content in today’s era. To date, she has helped businesses (from different nooks and corners) with personalized, thoughtful, analytical content, which generates visibility, leads, and revenue. 

After years of experience in content creation, she is now building her personal brand on LinkedIn, inspiring people and creating opportunities for herself. Read about her brand journey here.

1. How did #wordsbymeenakshi start?

Honestly, it came out of the blue. When the first wave of pandemic hit us, I was doing nothing. Except for celebrating my one-month marriage anniversary.. Lol! That’s when I decided to explore LinkedIn wholeheartedly. I started posting content and interacting with people in my network. At that stage, I was stuck at 250 followers. Eventually, my posts started gaining traction, which pushed me to venture out of my comfort zone and share more of my own experiences and opinions. 

In short, I started embracing the platform. That’s when #wordsbymeenakshi was born. It was purely accidental. Despite that, I was able to attract clients, build a community and collaborate with people like you 😉

2. Why did you choose the Linkedin platform to build your personal brand?

I’ve been hooked on the platform for years. Earlier, LinkedIn was seen as a platform for finding jobs and internships, but since the last two years, it has transitioned like sooo much!

LinkedIn has now become a networking channel. It’s a place to develop long-term relationships. Besides getting business, you can also learn, evolve, and be inspired by your community. Which is why I decided to embark on it. The reach is wonderful. The kind of relationships I’ve built on LinkedIn have been very meaningful to me. I wanted to reach the masses, make myself known to my target audience and here I’m today 🙂Also, LinkedIn is a global platform. You get to connect with people all across the globe, with no barriers. Isn’t that amazing..? 

3. Which Niche do you prefer writing the most?

Alright.. So I started out as a generic writer- like I would be like, “throw me anything and I’ll handle that.” Initially, I wrote for parenting, home decor, lifestyle, travel, real estate, healthcare, fashion, pet care, digital marketing, education,.. I could go on and on.. This continued for 2 years, but now I only take clients from B2B industries. I love writing blogs for B2B marketing, tech, healthcare, edtech. I call myself a blog writer (long-form blogs are my go-to). Aside from that, I also specialize in managing LinkedIn business pages, IG Captions, ad copies, etc. 

4. How did building your personal brand impact your career?

It had a massive impact on my career. I still pat myself on the back for making that move. When I was a full-time writer with no personal brand, I followed other people’s instructions. I was short of some major skills. I sucked at communicating my ideas. I constantly second-guessed myself. 

My personal brand (irrespective of the stage it’s in currently) helped me gain confidence, visibility, and loads of new learning along the way. It allowed me to collaborate with so many amazing people out there. I talk to a bunch of like-minded people every now and then. The power of networking on LinkedIn is surreal. This page helped me attract work not only as a freelancer but also a lot of companies reached out to me and asked if I could join their organization. I’m recognized and appreciated for being a thought leader in my industry. In addition to knowing me as a professional, some people also know who I am as a person. So, #wordsbymeenakshi has truly been a game-changer in my career. I owe it to the platform, day in and day out. 

5. Who is your target audience?

Guest blog editors, Editors (in general), Marketing Head, Content Strategists, Content Lead, Content Managers, Sales Head, CEO/CTO (startups-mid-size), budding freelancers (especially when I’m looking out for delegation). 

6. Which is the most profitable skill people have to learn to ace in this post-pandemic era?

According to me, adaptability, communication, confidence, consistency, and a resilient mindset is the need of the hour. 

Whether it’s about securing opportunities or navigating the current landscape, upskilling is a must. The more skills you’ve, the better! We’ve seen layoffs, drops in demand of product/services, blah, blah! To reduce such circumstances, it is important to upskill in a highly volatile market. And when I say, it’s not just plain learning but actionable learning- the one you can apply and take advantage of as soon as possible. 

7. What is your inspiration to write?

Writing is my passion. I’ve been writing since I was in school. Initially, the idea was to write down my thoughts on a paper. Gradually, it helped me become a better writer. Speaking of inspiration- I like to see myself emerge stronger and sharper with each new day. I aim to be gold at my craft so I can help more and more people. The hunger to ace my craft is what keeps me going. It’s been 8 years of writing (like professionally) and the desire to get better has never diminished. I write daily. I write even when I don’t feel like it. It’s like oxygen to me. The minute I stopped, I’m gone. It just works that way. 

8. What is one thing you were interested in as a child that helped you in your career?

I wanted to be a teacher as a child. I still laugh at how I would have fun with games like “teacher-teacher” Lol!! As I grew up, I wanted to be an anchor. I used to read the news in the school assembly. I participated in annual events and even hosted some functions- All of that required me to communicate effectively in public. It didn’t happen at once, of course! But, The entire process of showing up confidently, speaking in English in front of school teachers and batchmates enabled me to organize my thoughts. I always aimed to be in the spotlight. It instilled in me the traits of a leader- hahaha!. It helped me conquer the fear of being judged. I was heavily involved in co-curricular activities. To put it in simple words- Public speaking, the confidence, and the drive to succeed has, in a huge way, helped me blossom into the person I am today. 

9. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

My plans are nonexistent. Or I’d like to put it this way- I like to be there (in the moment). I do invest in short-term goals- I’m striving to scale my side-hustle. I hope to be a more refined version of myself down the line. Apart from it- expansion, delegation, taking up better opportunities, helping a lot of people is like an \everyday chore to me. The more things go unplanned, the better 😉

  1. Who is your favorite author?

Currently, I’m not reading as much as I did in the past, tbh! Nonetheless, I adore Hemingway, Mark Manson, Dale Carnegie, James Clear, to name a few!

Check out her profile and be inspired

LinkedIn profile – Meenakshi Lohani

If you have a project then reach out to her through her mail Id  lohanimeenakshi43@gmail.com



An Exclusive Interview With Personal Development Coach Tushnaa Pandey

An Exclusive Interview With Personal Development Coach Tushnaa Pandey

Meet Ms. Tushna Pandey who is a Professional Personal Development Coach and speaker. She is a trainer by passion and an Entrepreneur by profession, holding a Master’s degree from London. She has worn many hats until now right from being a trainer, consultant, model, founder, and more. Currently, she is the Founder of Sprouts Career Bridge. She aims at providing quality training and designs her training accordingly. She is one of the best personal brand examples in India

The first time I spoke with Tushnaa, there was a fiery vibe in her communication, it was like she could inspire a million hearts and influence them to take actions driving to their goals. Her passion was evident in every word she spoke. She has positioned herself as a strong personal brand with her own website Tushnaa

The most influential words were

“I don’t subscribe to any particular method as a coach. It’s my holistic approach that makes me anti to the idea of restricting myself to one pattern. It draws upon all the past experiences and skills as a consultant, trainer, model, certified coach, and entrepreneur. My goal is to support each individual individually, understanding their strength, weaknesses and goals and plan the next steps accordingly. I believe coaching as a partnership built upon trust. Deep inside if you feel and know you’re capable than what’s you’re doing if so, then you’re in the right place. It all starts with an assessment session. Trust me, if you are willing to do it you will. Period.”

This touched us deeply. In an era of strategies and too much information, her holistic approach was the route to impacting lives.

Read the interview with her and do check out her website to level up your career.

personal branding example, personal branding example India, communication coach1. What is your business all about and how it impacts your audience?

It’s all about coaching people to help them reach their goals while they also unleash the real them. It helps them to enhance their skills while they also get to know themselves better, change their daily routine, and drive better towards their goals.


2. Where do you find inspiration to impact people every single day in your line of work?

The more people I meet and know, the more problems I see around me. I feel I need to bring more solutions and help more people to grow.


3. Why are soft skills so important in this digital era?

Because that’s barely taught to us and we don’t know its value. Companies hire people who are good at their soft skills. Soft skills requirements are 70%-80% while hard skills are the rest of the percentage requirements. It’s also not only about speaking, it’s more than that. How do you think hard skills will help with teamwork, time management, communications, problem-solving and others. These are more important than just being good at hard skills.


4. If there is one thing you could change about your industry, what would it be?

The quality is given to the people. I mean yes we all are here to make money but when money becomes your priority over people you don’t see the quality being delivered. While the goals of the individuals are also overlooked and the same copy-paste program is carried out throughout.


5. How are you helping the young generation who are stuck at home during pandemics and are graduating without having to attend real classes?

By providing online sessions and helping them with the resources to their doorstep if needed like books, printouts etc.


6. What is the biggest myth about public speaking and how do you break it for our readers?

Public speaking doesn’t only mean standing on a podium and addressing a throng of crowd. If you’re in a meeting room of 5 people and you’ll have to speak in front of them, that is also public speaking.


7. If someone aims to be a public speaker, what is the suggested career path?

As mentioned, public speaking is not only about addressing a big crowd. But if that’s what you aim to do then the following career path could justify:

  1. Politician
  2. Motivational Speaker
  3. News anchor
  4. Spokesperson
  5. Trainer


8. Who is your inspiration in choosing a career as a communication coach?

I would say I see some motivational speakers, keynote speakers, business tycoons like  Jay Shetty, Sir Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, and more. The way they speak, handle the crowd, handle the questions being asked, it just gives me goosebumps. And I used to think that if I could do any close justice to inspire people and change their lives then I guess that would be my biggest achievement. Also, I have always been fascinated to speak on a stage

9. How do you feel every time when you face an audience on stage?

Well, I am nervous just like every normal human being but in the end, I steal the show for sure.


10. What is one piece of advice you would give for the generation facing pandemics and are struggling with communications?

Don’t think of this time and situation as a situation where you can’t do anything, or your life is at a halt or any negative thoughts. Learn how to find the positives in every negative situation. That’s how you’ll be able to grow and succeed. So instead you must be thinking how can I use this time well while I stay at home. What are the skills I can learn before the market opens and before I start going to companies for interviews?, how can I get better opportunities, what else can I learn, and blah blah. No one can say that he knows it all and there’s nothing more to learn. There’s always room to learn, grow and get better.

Coaches are aware of how to ignite passion and motivate people. They have an energy that is contagious and knows exactly how to get their team excited. By Brian Cagneey

Do contact her on

LinkedIn- Tushnaa Pandey

Twitter profile- https://twitter.com/tushnaap

Personal Brand Website- TUSHNAA

To learn more about owning a personal brand website, read this article

Contact her through mail using tushnaaa@gmail.com

If you are not clear about building your brand, we are there to help you. This article on Brand Clarity is sure to help you get clarity to be listed as one of the strong personal brand examples.



James Greene- Founder Of Hustle Full Throttle

James Greene- Founder Of Hustle Full Throttle

  • A personal brand is an asset, adds credibility, and can open doors that would otherwise not be there prior.

This is the fertile age for start-ups. But there is a high percentage of businesses that don’t make it into success. The reasons might be many, but legal illiteracy can become such a hindrance to growth. A business has to be legally backed and ready for any risk that is going to pass them. To help people start their businesses and run them successfully, we have James Greene, a business coach whose primary aim is to provide legal resources and help to aspiring entrepreneurs so that their business can thrive without any backlashes from the legal end.

Isn’t this something that all of the entrepreneurs, business owners crave for. Someone, who has  knowledge for both business and the law. So let’s read what James Greene has to offer us and how he grew into a strong personal brand.

 1. Why did you choose the legal and business niche together?

This was always the dream I envisioned since high school. I knew I loved business and I knew I loved working with legal materials. When I was in Senior year of high school, I took a Dual-Enrollment class at the local community college which happened to be Business Law. It was from that point on I knew this is exactly my goal. However I do it, I would mix business and law and enjoy what I am doing. Before attending law school, I started my first business while in College which was the best thing I ever could have done. It showed me so much insight into the struggles, issues, and challenges that new entrepreneurs deal with when launching a business. Now as an attorney in Florida I am able to also work directly with business owners and help them in all aspects of their business.

2. What are the Three fundamental rules that every business owner must be aware of while opening a business?

The Top 3 Rules all business owners must know:

  1. ALWAYS use contracts. Without a contract, there is no proof of what was agreed to. I see so many business owners lose time and money due to overlooking this point. A contract protects all parties involved and does not need to be as intimidating as they may first seem. Finding a great attorney or resources to obtain templates is always a great idea. This is why I am creating a new business offering where business owners can easily access contract templates for less than what an attorney will charge.
  2. Make sure you have your business set up properly. I always call this a Strong Legal Foundation. This includes your business entity, agreements between the partners, bank accounts, etc. You can create the best business concept ever, but it can crumble without a legal foundation.
  3. Never Give Up. It gets hard at times and you will want to quit, but the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is the ones who push through the hardest times. The first idea may not be it, nor the second or third, but keep trying and keep pushing forward. There will be the day you have a breakthrough.

 3. What was your childhood dream and has it helped you in choosing this career?

I had an interesting progression of career dreams. In elementary school I started my fascination with the law field. Back then it was a police officer, then in Middle School it became an FBI Agent, and then in High School I knew I wanted to become an Attorney. In addition, I always wanted to start a business. I did not know exactly what it would be for awhile, but it certainly worked out so far.

 4. What is your business all about?

I have a few businesses running at the moment. 


Ryft Media is a digital marketing agency where we help clients promote their business through content and paid advertising.

Hustle Full Throttle is a holistic business coaching platform offering Business Coaching programs that provides business owners proven strategies that help to build their business, a balance of business strategy, mindset, and hands on support. I developed a new Unlimited Coaching strategy that allows business owners to get the help they need when they need it rather than being stuck to a set call schedule. I find that to be the biggest downside to many coaching programs because sometimes you need an answer right then or within a day, not within a week or more.

One of my next big projects is developing a business focused around providing legal resources and education to entrepreneurs. It will be a platform where you can obtain information about legal aspects of business in easy to understand forms as well as gaining access to resources such as contact templates to help protect your business. I am really excited for this platform because it is furthering my main goal and also providing a much needed resource to any entrepreneur.

 5. When did this idea of helping entrepreneurs especially with the legal part of the business form?

When I went through the steps of starting my first business I came across a HUGE learning curve and many issues that came up over the years. But the key aspect for almost all of it was it could be avoided if we knew better the first time around. I could see how much help entrepreneurs needed and finding the answers was not as easy as it should be. I wanted to take the knowledge I accumulated over the years and be able to help others avoid the costly mistakes and also make sure they are protected.

 6. Which social media platform do you prefer to create more content?

I really love TikTok! That single platform is what ignited everything that I am doing now because I was able to provide such great needed value and begin building a personal brand. I find it so easy for me to create content and I enjoy doing it, which I always think is important. At least not until recently, Instagram was always about photos and content that I did not enjoy creating so it was never my favorite. Luckily now I am able to repurpose the content I create with TikTok through multiple platforms.

 7. How important is showing up as a personal brand important in this digital time?

I think this is extremely important in today’s time. A personal brand is very valuable and can help further your mission and goals. So many people have such valuable knowledge that they do not share with anyone else and if they were to they too could build a personal brand. A personal brand is an asset, adds credibility, and can open doors that would otherwise not be there prior.

 8. Can you help our audience by breaking one popular business myth?

The biggest myth I always see is you need to know what you are doing before you can launch a business. It does not matter what you know, what degrees you have, what past experience you have. All of these things can be learned as you build. While of course prior knowledge helps with launching a business, it should not ever stop someone in their tracks. Go and launch that business. Whether it fails or succeeds you tried and that is what matters. Failure is only a great lesson for the next round, embrace failure and things can become easier for you.

 9. What are your plans for the next five years?

Over the next 5 years I am focusing on building up my vision. In the end I am going to create a platform that entrepreneurs can easily go to when they need legal resources, education, and services. I find it super exciting to be able to hone in something I enjoy so much. In addition, I want to start making angel investments into early-stage startups. This has always been a goal of mine and I cannot think of anything better to pursue. The current startup era is amazing with the amount of talent and business concepts being developed right now, I am excited to see the next concepts to become huge in the coming years.

 10. Where can one connect to you?

Always feel free to reach out and ask any questions! You can find me through any of these:

My website: https://www.hustlefullthrottle.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamesagreene/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@jamesbusinesstips

Email: james@hustlefullthrottle.com

So if you are someone who is starting out or looking ways to market your business, James Greene is the person. Do reach out to him on his social media channels and his website. Get on a call with him and be legally well informed. This will help you better decision making and having your business thrive.

James Greene is sure one strong personal brand genuinely helping people out while creating a greater impact.


Greg Brad- The Modern Copywriter

Greg Brad- The Modern Copywriter

Today, we are going to read about a person who has his way with words. Greg Brad is one of the fastest growing personal brands on Instagram. He is a copywriter with  rich experience for working with clients across the six continents. Writing is a powerful way to influence people to take action and a great way to study customer behavior patterns. He promises to 10x your leads through his copywriting skills. His follower counts keep increasing with the value he puts into his content and educates on the platform. Let us learn about his story- the one that determined his success. Presenting you- THE GREG BRAD!

How did your journey as a copywriter start?

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been interested in communication. It was fascinating to see why some of my peers were more popular than others, and I soon realized that one of the determining factors was how they communicated.

It led me on a journey with words. I first started as a translator but quickly grew bored of working with other people’s words and wanted to create something myself. I then started offering my copywriting services the same way I offered translating. To my surprise, there was a much bigger demand for copywriting, even though I was relatively new at that time. This opportunity prompted me to switch to a full-time copywriter, and I haven’t looked back since.

Why did you choose Instagram to grow your personal brand?

I used to work a lot on freelancing platforms which are great when you’re getting started but eventually, it all comes down to competing on price, and that’s not the way to go if you want to offer high-quality services.

So, I decided to diversify my sources of leads. It first started with word of mouth and networking, but I wanted to go a step further, and Instagram seemed to be the best choice with it comes to social media platforms.

Tell us about some of your initial hurdles while growing into an authority in your field.

The biggest struggles in my career as a freelancer come from myself rather than other people. For example, I used to think I’m way too young and inexperienced to do it at this level, which was one of the biggest setbacks at the beginning.

However, I soon realized that there were people much younger and much less experienced than me doing even greater things so, I thought to myself, if they can do it, I can, too.

How long did it take you to find your niche?

I was fortunate enough to have many clients at the beginning of my journey, which allowed me to see what kind of work I enjoyed doing the most and what kind of people needed me the most.

I’d say it took me a couple of months from the moment I started offering my services as a copywriter until I found my niche – small business owners.

How important is SEO and copywriting for small business owners?

With the amount of content shared on the internet, SEO becomes more and more important every day. It’s especially important for small businesses who don’t share much content, so they have to pay extra attention to everything they share to get the most out of it.

What was your ambition as a child, and did it help you while carving your career?

I liked watching my peers interact with each other and determine what makes others like them. I believe that my initial ambition was to become popular among my friends, but it eventually turned into something more, and I turned my focus to helping others rather than myself.

Your marketing campaigns are more targeted to conversions through words, how do you understand customer psychology?

Consumer psychology is one of the fundamental aspects of marketing, not only copywriting. Fortunately, our brains haven’t changed much over the decades. There are many resources available to better understand how to leverage the newest findings in customer psychology.

But even though those resources are extremely valuable, you should always look at your own data and see what works and what doesn’t based on your content to get unique insights that you won’t find in scientific papers.

What are the services you provide, and tell us about choosing your target audience?

My services focus on long-form copywriting for lead generation. They include blog posts, case studies, emails, social media content, and lead magnets, such as eBooks. 

In the beginning, I would write anything I got asked for, but eventually, I realized that I enjoy long-form copywriting the most. It also turned out to solve one of my target audience’s biggest problems, which is lead generation.

When it comes to choosing the target audience, I chose it based on the insights I got from my early clients back when my niche wasn’t yet defined.

Why is personal branding important in this digital era?

The internet makes it easy for everybody to start their own brands, which is amazing. But, at the same time, more competition means that it’s more difficult to stand out. Because of that, you need to put in extra effort to differentiate yourself from other people doing the same thing you do.

Where can we contact you?

You can contact me through my Instagram account @thegregbrad where I share daily tips and tricks on generating leads through copywriting.

Digital Snehaa- The IG Coach

Digital Snehaa- The IG Coach

If you get on Instagram and search IG coach, you will find digital Snehaa in the list. She is one of the youngest entrepreneurs who build her personal brand on the social media platform. She gained loyalty, trust of her followers, and monetized her account. She is an inspiration to million people out there with dreams. Let us read the interview of one of the fastest-growing personal brands in India.

How did your personal brand start?

Back in 2020. I heard the term digital marketing. This term looks so simple but it’s really powerful in this digital era. I was a 3rd-year student who was doing her graduation in bachelors of design from FDDI, Rohtak. My classmates were utilizing their time in designing various stuff and I was totally wasting my time watching series all day. One day I realized, I should improve myself. I started attending some webinars (which was useless for me). Luckily I was introduced to digital marketing and I loved it. I started researching it more deeply. I took a free course and completed it. After some days I realized I have implemented nothing. My mentor digital Deepak always says implementing is more important than learning. From that day I started taking action and made my brand. I created a website and started writing blogs, the blog was related to footwear as I am doing my graduation in designing. But I was not getting good results. I started an Instagram page to promote it but I was not getting the right way to start it. Meanwhile, I started spamming on Facebook due to which my blog url got blocked, and my interest in blogging was reduced. At that time only I started following some digital marketers and I saw a different version on Instagram. We all use Instagram for fun purposes but Instagram is a big business. I realized it and started working on building a business with my personal brand. New sneha was born digital sneha. I started creating content on digital marketing. As I was following so many big creators I used to learn from them a lot. They say you should always focus on the micro-niche. I did not know the power of micro-niche but I started focusing on micro-niche. Every time when I used to go live the questions I get is How to grow on IG and boom I got my micro-niche.


Why the name “Digital Snehaa”?

When I started digital marketing. Everywhere I was seeing one word digital. So I also kept it as digital snehaa (Haa.. I know it’s funny). But later on, realized I have two souls in me. The one is Sneha who loves to enjoy her life and waste her time whereas Sneha is so productive and always working on herself to improve her. It’s not easy to change Sneha to digital Sneha mode. But when it’s digital Sneha mode no way to go back to the previous mode. As digital Sneha loves and enjoys her work.


Could you elaborate on the initial struggles while building your personal brand?

Everyone struggles in their initial stage of the journey and I did too.

1. I am a big introvert: Usually I don’t interact with someone. But here I have to interact with everyone. I love interacting with people and knowing about them.

2. I am a camera-conscious person: Whenever I see a camera towards me I am not able to speak a single word. But this journey helped me to become a camera lover. This also has a long story. When I was having 200 followers in my account someone approached me and asked me to create an informational video for his page. I was so nervous at that time for creating a video and it was my first paid opportunity. It took me 1 week to create a 1 min video and after that I didn’t like that person’s behaviour. So I rejected that project but that project made me a confident person on camera.

3. Handling my college and side hustle: As I am a college student, it was really difficult for me to manage both things together.

4. No support from family: I was wasting my whole day in creating content but I was not able to earn from it due to which my family thought it was just a waste of time. So many times, I have heard that I should stop this work and focus on my studies.

5. Big following and bank account was empty: Even when I crossed a big milestone I was not able to make enough money. I was working so hard but no results were coming.


What was your childhood dream and how did that help you in your career?

To become famous and help others.
By working on Instagram I have built a strong personal brand of mine. People know me and it feels so good when they appreciate you for your work.
Helping others to convert their passion into a profitable business (my coaching program).


Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

As a big influencer and a coach in this digital world.


Who is your mentor in digital marketing?

My mentor in digital marketing is digital Deepak and he is the best. In his every word there is a different spark which helps you to become a better person in life. The best part of his is he is so down to earth even though he is such a big brand. When I was interviewed by him I was so excited and scared. About how it will go and firstly never expect that I would be interviewed. I was 1 of those 500 students who was interviewed. That was the best day of my life.


Everybody has a dream client to work with, who is yours?

My dream clients are all the content creators who want to explode their content creation journey to a coach. I see so many people are struggling in their journey and not able to make money even after so much hard work. I can see them in my place where I was a few months back. I can feel their pain. I want to help each and every content creator to get their dream client.


How important is establishing yourself as a personal brand?

To be very honest, a personal brand is really very important for everyone. Nowadays everyone is shifting digitally. Everyone is active on at least one platform. So why waste time anywhere. It will be so good if people know you and recognize you. It feels like a celebrity ( seriously I am not kidding). Choose any one platform it may be Instagram, LinkedIn, youtube, podcast and start working on it. When you become stable in one then shift your platform. Because for a brand it’s really important to have a presence on each and every platform.


How do you balance content creation, coaching, clients and family?

It’s not that easy but I have to manage it in any way. The worst part is each and every thing is important whether it is content creation, coaching or client and even family. Time management is hell important for a solopreneur. I always do time management so that I miss nothing.
One piece of advice for the people who were economically hit by the pandemic. How can they make a future in this digital world?
I guess the best thing in this whole pandemic is we all shifted digitally. We are attending our school meeting webinars all digitally. This is high time to shift digitally. Because if you are still waiting to get things better you have wasted a lot of time and are still wasting. So Stop
wasting time and start analyzing the digital world and start doing it right away. I absolutely agree its not that easy to shift digitally but it doesn’t mean we will not try.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/digitalsnehaa/

Website: https://digitalsnehaa.com/



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