How To Start A Blog and Make Money in  2021?

How To Start A Blog and Make Money in 2021?

Have you always wanted to start a profitable blog? Have you been intensely searching for how to start a blog and make money from it? But everything seems quite daunting to you.

I know you, I can relate to you. I have been there. I started out as a hobby blogger and then became a freelance content writer on the internet. Then I took up courses and gained expertise in fields like SEO, blogging, Guest post writing, and so on.

So, let me first tell you that I have enough experience in trying to open WordPress accounts and websites without knowing the industry. They failed and guess what. I learnt-Big time and that was the right approach for me.

But I don’t want you to go through that path, it’s long, lonely and you almost quit every single day.

I want you to lead a happy, successful and fulfilling life with the choice of your career!

What You Need To Know Before You Start A Blog and Make Money

A small Overview!

  1. You need to know what hosting, domain name, and blogging platform(CMS) means.
  2. You need to know that if you want an open profitable blog, you need to open your self-hosted website on and not on any other platforms that provide “free hosting services”

 Know that and are two different companies!

3. You need to find your perfect niche and target audience- this is the base for any business to thrive.

4. You need SEO knowledge- because google and your readers need the same thing: Quality-authority, trustworthiness, and readability. These are called as factors influencing how your website post or page will rank on google

Have you noticed that when you google search something, you end up getting a perfect answer from the links on Google’s first page?

Well, can your website land on google’s first page and solve the reader’s problems?

You need to know SEO- take my word for it and take the SEO e-book that I have created.

5. You need to know which social media platforms work well for your business.

6. You need to be brave enough to ask questions, initiate conversations, discussion on Facebook groups, webinars to start something! AND CREATE A COMMUNITY.

7. Your Mindset before starting your blog, i.e you have to have clarity on what your whole blog/website is about!

So let’s start off. Remember, I will be there to guide you for the first 1 week when you click on subscribe to my email list below.

Mail me and I promise to guide you through the process, wherever you are stuck. Likewise, join my inner circle of DigiSprout Facebook group and have like-minded ambitious people to help around!


If you want to blog on a free platform like blogger, wix, You can. But not much can be obtained from it.

I started my blogging journey as a hobby fictional blogger on . Look at my blunders.

First- The domain name is bad. It has to be short, easy to remember.

It can be niche related like mine Or unique like . The take is yours as long as you can build a brand around that name.

What is the second mistake you find in the domain name?

Well, it is the extension. As you can see, has a long extension of This means that my blog is free and is hosted by WordPress. If one-day WordPress decides to remove my blog. They can easily do so.

Because I’m renting a space, they are providing me a virtual space to live and write my thoughts, they very well have conditions and free to cut any useful features out there!

You Cannot Generate Revenue Through Ads on Free Hosting

Also, on free hosting, you cannot apply to revenue-generating sites like Google Adsense and you can’t even use plugins. I will shortly tell you what plugins are and how important they are to your blog success.


  1. Select a good domain name from Godaddy or Namecheap
  2. Buy a hosting service from Bluehost, Siteground or chemicloud! I would recommend Blueshost for total beginners!
  3. Connect WordPress through the service provider. So don’t worry about opening a new account on WordPress. Your hosting service provider will help you connect to WordPress directly.
  4. Select a good theme-

You can select a theme of your choice from a lot of free WordPress themes. It is said that Astra is an amazing theme.

I went with the paid theme-DIVI as I have a lot of options and as I am a non-technical person without much knowledge in coding. Guess what, this theme doesn’t need coding to design.

Read my whole journey with Divi installation to building the website.

Raw Materials To Start A Blog

Save money to invest in your blog.

If you want to open a successful blog, then you need to invest some money, even though you will have the opportunity to start your blog for free, don’t go with it(it’s tempting) but it has got many drawbacks.

So let’s see, you are a new blogger and less money at your disposal.

Then You should invest it on at least two things

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting Service

Actionable Plan to start a money-making blog 

1. Decide on your niche

Yes, blogging to make money is not about owning a personal blog and publishing about all the things under the sun. You got to think about your readers aka customers who will visit your blog to gain information or change the way they live.

I have chosen my niche as “Blogging” , you won’t find any recipe or dog care! But just how do you find your niche?

There are a few questions that you need to answer before deciding on the topic:

  • How passionate are you about the topic?
  • If you are not an expert, are you passionate about researching the niche and improving your knowledge?
  • Is your profitable niche going to help your readers- Educate, Inspire, Entertain them?
  • If so, can you guide them further, give them examples, provide solutions to their questions?

Now, Go, open a new business Pinterest account.

What is a Blog Niche?

Well, to simplify, a blog niche is a category that you are going to invest your time researching, validating, and creating content on your blog/website.

Know the difference between blog and website now!

So how are you going to know whether your selected niche will drive traffic and helps you make money? Because you want to start a blog and make money from it.

Actionable Steps To Find Your Niche- Using Pinterest Social Media

Well, I have a simple trick- Using Pinterest!

Go, open a Pinterest account. Yes, you heard me right. We are going to use social media to find out about your interest.

Go to and sign up. All the screenshots are taken from a webinar video I was making! So ignore my photo and the video buttons.

Next, create a business account, it asks for your website name. Click on the “I don’t have a website yet” button and continue.

Later, find things that you are most passionate about. Like cycling, gardening, blogging about blogging, food, tech, pets, cultures. Anything. Explore these topics and start creating new boards for a particular category.

Example- If you are passionate about Baking. Then create boards like- Birthday themed cakes, baking tips, Easy cakes for beginners, gluten-free cakes, cookie recipes, chocolate cake recipes.

See, how you are going to deepen your selected category.

Start searching and then start pinning to the respective categories.

After doing this strategy for a month. Go to Pinterest analytics and look for the top-performing board. Let me show you mine.

As you can see, there is a section called Top boards and it is based on the number of impressions, engagements, clicks etc and my top board is Start your blog, next is Passive income and brand your business.

I have around 20 boards that are on the same niche as blogging like social media marketing, Pinterest marketing, and other sub-categories that I am really interested in and keep researching. Out of them. These 3 are amazing because people are actually searching for this and you are also passionate about the topic.

Hence these become your niche.

My primary niche is “start a blog” and sub-niche are branding your business, grow your blog. Check the drop-down menu at the top of my blog! Did you get it?

I am just not asking you to follow your passion but am giving you an idea of how to leverage the social media channels to your benefit of profitable blogging.

Once you have tried and tested this method. Drop me a mail! Study your interests by creating different boards. around 30 different boards and accommodate all the ideas. Follow that step by step instructions I have given above!

If you are totally new to Pinterest or do not know how it works, please read the Ultimate Guide to Use Pinterest For Your Business.

In the meantime.

2. Search for a desirable Domain Name

You need to choose a domain name and pay for it. Find cheap domian names in and

Not all the domain names you like will be available for your budget! So you need to make some compromises when you want the domain name of your choice.

How to Select a Good Domain Name For Your Business Blog?

NOTE: Almost all hosting service providers say that you will be given a free domain name if you choose them.

But the problem with this is, it is free as long as you are using their hosting. If you dissatisfied with their service. then while transferring your website to another host, there will be downtime which is not good for the website’s health.


Open an account in Bluehost if you are a beginner. I did that, I stayed with them for a year.

The best part of Bluehost is that they have one-click installation of WordPress. No hassles.

But as the server is used by many people all over the world, they will not be able to dedicate time to solve your website related problems ASAP. Hence if you are just beginning then Bluehost is a good option.

BUT I chose Chemicloud

Reasons why I chose chemicloud

  1. They provide good customer support and listens to my problems gets it fixed quickly
  2. I stay in Bangalore, India, they provide a dedicated server in Bangalore. Hence the geography actually helps my website load faster and gives a better performance.
Look for the orange dots on the map to know the server nearest to you!

3. Select a Theme

WordPress provides a lot of free themes for you to customize.

The best free themes are

  • Astra along with the Elementor plugin
  • The best feminine theme is bluchic
  • The Best premium paid theme is Divi

How Do you customize your theme, the brand colors, the brand fonts, and even the writing style is important while branding your blog?

Please read this article on……… customize the WordPress theme.

4. Put Your Blog On Maintenance Mode

If you are going to give the designing part to a web developer, then you need not have to worry about the whole process.

But this is you, a single man/woman army. So you need to know that until you fill in the content pages, your blog has to on maintenance mode or coming soon mode.

What Do You need to do?

Go to plugins on the dashboard>select Add New> In the search bar, type coming soon( the seedpro option will be available).

Install and activate the plugin.

Also design it with your choice of words, background image or background color.

Then return back to building your content on your website.

5. Delete Your Default “Hello World” page

Once you login to your website. There will be a default “Hello World Page”.

To delete this

>Go to wordpress dashboard

>Click on posts>all posts

>You will see the post “Hello World”.

>Click On Trash and delete to start anew with a site structure.

5. Site Structure- Page Content

Decide on what pages you will be displayed in the navigational bar of your website.

The best practice is to include

  1. Home/start here page
  2. About Me/ About Us page
  3. Contact Me Page
  4. Work with Me page
  5. Services page
  6. Blog
  7. Privacy policy
  8. Disclaimers
  9. Your main categories


I cannot stress the importance of this. You can go buy a domain name, host, and a theme. But if you start writing without a strategy, please don’t expect huge results.

This is where SEO is going to play an important role.

Read the Actions to be taken Now

Now not every page is necessary. It depends on your niche but don’t forget to include the first 3 pages. It’s kinda standard. Later, study some blogs on your niche and come up with page name ideas.

You can place 2 menus depending on the theme you choose. In the second menu that will be displayed somewhere in the footer or sidebar, you can include a privacy policy page, disclaimer page and contact page.

Choose where you want it to go.

6. Widgets

Again, if yours is a free theme, then go to the appearance section on the dashboard and click on widgets.

You can add from the lot. check out the image.

7. Install Plugins

Plugins are small applications on WordPress that make things easier for you to run your website.

Here is an article for the list of useful plugins that are required for you to set up a successful blog and running.

Yoast SEO is a highly recommended plugin. Go explore the plugins area on your WordPress dashboard. Try to get comfortable with the WordPress dashboard options. Explore it.

Also remember, plugins are to be used moderately. So don’t go by installing every plugin that you are attracted to. Some might have bugs with them, and some might slow down your website altogether.

8. Start Your Email List

Now, I know, you would be like, I am still new to it.

No, it’s always better to start your blogging journey with a freebie that you are going to give to your readers in exchange for their email address.

Start creating a simple checklist in your category and put it in your email optin.

Remember, not everything is going to remain the same, technologies keep updating, the system keeps changing. So, you need to have your followers connected to you through emails. In the future, when you launch your product, these people likely to buy it from you.

You need to integrate your mail service provider with your website.

9. Start Writing

Blog posts, blog pages, the cornerstone articles and call to action trigger on required places.

So writing can be daunting at first, well because you are going to invest a lot of your time here but nobody gets to read your articles then its a waste.

 So first check this article on how to create a blog post that brings readers . I talk about blog structure, anatomy and how you can write it so that Google loves you and puts you on the first page.

Pro Tip- When you cannot create and face a writer’s block. Start documenting. Because this is your own journey and only you can do this well in an authentic way.

10. Promote- Writing is Never Enough

Whatever you write must reach your audience. So share it on your social media sites. You are going to get backlinks which is a huge benefit for your website. Share your knowledge. Help people on quora by answering to their questions on quora.
– Write articles on Medium- Your journey.

Share your writing pics and episodes of achievement and craziness on Instagram and Facebook.

Join Facebook groups and grow your blog by helping others.

Take-Away Lesson

Blogging is a profession where you will be helping other readers to excel in their life, career, organization, or whatever your niche is.

You are providing service to the society.

Never underestimate what you can do.

Now just don’t skip to another article or images to consume information.

Start implementing.

If you want me to guide you through the exact steps for opening a blog. Then it’s time that you invest just 10 dollars into my detailed e-book — “The Practical Blog Guide”

Just imagine if you are opening a storefront. Imagine the investment.

Blogging is a lot easier and a much cheaper option with less investment of money.

Here your time into learning the field is the primary investment.

Come-on don’t wait. Be a successful blogger and start a blog that makes money and retire early into the life you have always wanted to live!

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Types of Blogs that make money

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10 Types Of Blog Posts That You can Write To Drive Traffic

10 Types Of Blog Posts That You can Write To Drive Traffic

So, you have been trying to get visible traction on your blog or website. You might also be researching before you actually start a blog of your own. This article is going to provide value for everything you are searching for.

But, before that, are you done finalizing your niche, categories, and target audience?

This article will help you with your niche finalization and Target audience!

If you have observed that although the search engine is flooded with a lot of information articles, only a few make it to the first page of google. This can be achieved by you as well with a few tactics and proper SEO strategy.

In this article, I will decode the types of posts that go viral and instantly liked by most people!

  1. A good Headline does half the hard work.
  2. Quality determines how people interact and trusts the rest of your post or becomes your fan
  3. You need to understand human behavior that leads to more engagement in your post.
  4. People need to know you exist- So know your SEO

Let us learn the different kinds of blog posts you can write to

“How to “Tutorials and Guides

People are on the lookout for a solution for their problems and they highly depend on the search engine or any platform.

If your content has to scale and reach the right audience.

Your content must essentially be a detailed post that has the following structure

  1. Introduction

Try mentioning the reader’s pain point in the first paragraph of the introduction. Take them through their own points and tell them you relate to the reader. It instantly creates a bond between you and your reader. Also, mention the struggles that you went through.

2. That phase of trust-building

Tell them how you failed multiple times/ took an amazing course to actually find out the solution and now that it will help them realize the solution in a quicker manner.

It gives them a preview of how you got your expertise

3. The Content Body

It is where you show your expertise in the field. Don’t hesitate to do an in-depth article that shows how well you write your content.

Right from the dictionary definition to how have decoded the entire concept. Explain it all. It should serve the purpose of helping the reader to understand the concept.

4. Call to Action

I don’t call it a conclusion, you should be able to show your reader what is the next step they should be taking and guide them in such a way that comes back to you.

Yes, you can include the next articles that they should read or have them signed up for your course or 1:1 consultation that helps them to know what’s next!

The Lists

Have you noticed how you gravitate towards the headlines that say

50 ways you can home-school your kid

25 impressive ways to dress up for your prom date

12 Times that History was wrong

These kinds of posts have a list that is curated and has the readers on their toes to read. Because you are giving them choices. Everybody needs abundance and a long interesting read.

The Infographics

Infographics are information images that convey a long article in a single image.

You can head over to to create amazing infographics.

Benefits of infographics for business

  1. It helps in lead generation
  2. It helps in SEO
  3. It helps in better tracking and analyzing
  4. Easily embedded
  5. User-friendly and shareable content image.

Checklists and Cheatsheets

Who doesn’t love a cheat sheet, I personally would love to have cheat sheets that help me with the step by step instructions. Through this, I could finish off my projects before the deadline.

You can use these as lead magnets.

Simply put, you can use checklist/cheatsheets as a freebie{it’s like a magnet that attracts customers(leads)}

I cannot stress the importance of starting your email-list right from the beginning!

Examples of checklists

  1.  A practical checklist to start a blog and make money.
  2. A cheat sheet to increase your followers by 30% through Pinterest!

Personal Story/Brand Story

Ultimately business is all about people, it’s how you communicate with them that matters the most. So don’t forget to show yourself with all your flaws!

Your story might inspire many and your customers tend to have a personal connection with you.

The tone of your personal story should be simple yet soul-touching!

I personally loved Harsh Agarwals story, it’s so compelling to start a new journey.

Read My Story of Business as well.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is taking an initiative to write an article on another popular(high- Domain Authority) site about the topic that you hold expertise in.

Remember that you should not over-promote yourself in these places.

You should only be willing to share high-quality article under your name/website.

In SEO, it’s called creating backlinks. This will help your website increase credibility and domain Authority rating. Because people who already trust a popular website will also tend to trust the recommendations GIVEN by it!

Read about Backlinks.

Viral/ Newsworthy content

Although I stress creating evergreen content that is not bound by any timeline, date, or instance.

There will be times when you will have to take the opportunity to see what’s trending on the internet and if it is about your niche. Then research on SEO and get that viral post out to the world!

This is also one way of the content marketing tactic that has to be used only when necessary provided if your website technical, a lifestyle website and has nothing to do with trending small entertainment stories!

The problem with viral content is that 1 person visits, reads, and leaves only once.

While the reader tends to get back and read again and also shares the evergreen content to their circle

Hence take some chances and create viral content once in a while!

Interviews and Round ups

Mark your content calender and every 2 weeks, get a fellow blogger or an industry expert to the interview.


  1. You will reach a wider audience
  2. A chance to learn and implement from the industry experts
  3. Know thwir struggles and encourage your readers to connect with them.

The inteview can be on a friendly note and basically imagine that you are running a podcast, how do you want the readers to enjoy the interview. Research and write the question script and email your guest!

Trust me, you will love these interviews!

Roundups are another kind of post that can be included on “no-blog” days. You can summarise and give the best links to the content that has been most trending in the past month.

Keep a day for that on your content calendar.

Case Studies

Have you already done projects and showed results to your clients. Then yoiu can create a case study on your own blog, a client’s website and narrate your experiences

Talk about the hurdles you faced and the exact techniques you used to resolve it. ALSO, show your readers the proof. The results, how your work increased the client’s sale, or how many dollars you made blogging by adapting to a certain business strategy.

The SEO batch

I usually stress on practicing SEO for all of your blog posts. Because the amount f difference it is going to make with traffic is huge.

So, after writing all your blog posts, make sure you save it in your SEO batch department( that sounds wierd) but let’s keep it.

What do you do here?

You check whether you have done your SEO right. For that, you need to place keywords so that Google knows what yo0ur site is all about!

Yes, you are writing for humans, so no keyword stuffing(that is so lame) and Google can figure it out.

So how do you actually make it happen!

Before writing the post

  1. Do a keyword research for your topic
  2. Keep a focus keyword
  3. Get on LSI graph and sprinkle keywords that are related to the post
  4. Fill in the meta-desription. I woul like to follow “Problem-agitate-solve”
5 Essential Things You Should Know Before You Start A Blog

5 Essential Things You Should Know Before You Start A Blog

. When I started out blogging, back on 2014, I was little aware about the earning options( monetization) and solopreneur Ideas. What I wanted was a space to expose my creative writing. It was limited to just that but then I started exploring just like you and I loved everything that the internet had to offer. Right from tutorials to start a blog, email marketing and tips to land your content in the first page of Google and more.

But what was out there was completely overwhelming. Too much of information and too little of the call-to-action plans. While my hopes increased by reading the blogs like “ How I earn 2000$ per month by blogging” and eventually hit rock bottom when I got to know only…of blogs actually create income.

So, I know you can relate to all of the above and what I founded out and I’m about to simplify ….it for you. I’m not an expert but I have been in the digital space, trying things out, failing at some, then bouncing back with a perfect strategy. So, read on while I simplify earning through a blog.

I just want you to take a peek, especially if you are new to the blogging space and you have questions!


Difference between blog and website

I was hell confused with these two until I realized that people are selling some products(digital or physical) through a website or blog. All blogs are websites but not all websites are blogs. Websites sell physical products (eg: E-commerce sites) and personal blogs, travel blogs. All of these are providing information on a larger scale. These consist of the informational content.

Read an in-depth article about the “Difference Between Blog and website” here.

Before you start your blog

You need to study, Yes. Research is required because “you are not just starting a blog, you are starting a million dollor business”

Here are a few things you need to decide:

1. Find out the profitable niche:

This is the toughest part of starting a blog and it takes people years to narrow it down. Not for you, because I’ll help you find your niche. But there is a need of tremendous determination from your end as well. Because my friend, it’s hell of a road down there. Read How to Find your Niche here.

2. Decide on the domain name

3.Get the Logo design ready and the site icon too

4. Decide on the colour palatte

5. Decide on the font of your heading and body text and you need to maintain it through-out posts.

6. Find out which social media works best for your business

 Down the lane, you are going to have readers/customers who will be your leads who are going to buy your products or the products that you are referring on your blog. Hence grow your audience. For eg: For artisans, I feel Instagram and Pinterest are the best platforms to build leads. For writers, you can use Medium to have online visibility and then of course Pinterest. Facebook and Twitter have different strategies. So, just pick two social media platforms and master them.

All your images and the pins must be of a consistent color palette you chose for your blog. Use Canva, it is worth every penny with the kind of traffic it helps you with!

Read everything about Hashtags and the best social media platform for any niche.

I recommend new bloggers to start their presence on Pinterest and slowly master it.

3. Observation Strategy:

Start observing, all the resources that you read, all the blogs that you stumble upon. Check out their layout,t their websites, their strategies, look closely at everything that you want to incorporate. Because these people are already earning an income from their blogs. You can learn a lot from these Giants.

Look out for the amount of engagement each topic gets in your selected niche. For eg: In Pinterest, the pins that are having 400–500 saves means that people want to read this kind of topic. Make a note of all the topics.

You can use many other tools such as Google Alerts, Google search, Buzzsumo, Google trends, and so on.

I have made an in-detail list on the tools a new blogger needs in here.

You can also search Google and get the topics. I have made an in-depth article on the Observation strategy before starting your blog. Do read it out.

4. Use the Blogging tools to research in-depth

The research includes Keyword research because a lot of traffic means there is a higher probability for people buying the products you recommend or even buy the products that you are selling on your blog space. Increase traffic through analytics!

Keyword analysis gives you an idea of what people are actually searching for and how you can use it to your benefit.

So here’s a screenshot of the keyword research that I did for my niche” Blogging”. I personally use Ubersuggest by Neil Patil and this guy is an epitome of information. He inspires me with every post

Did you look at the number of searches, now closely look at the columns that give you the search volume? The higher the search volume, the more people are searching for it, and the higher the competition.

Pst: People read the information from only the first page of Google and if you don’t rank, well we are doomed. But that is when the long-tail-keywords come to rescue.

Instead of just typing blogging, type

Blogging for beginners, How to Start a Food Blog, How to Start a Travel Blog.

So, people are narrowing down their preference. You can always concentrate on the audience who are already specific about their needs and still rank on the first page.

Read all about the blogging tools that I have mentioned in the Blog.

Now you have decided the niche, got yourself a list of keywords that you going to concentrate on. And then now, use another tool called “Answer the Public” This literally gives you all the combinations that people are searching for. Start using it in your headlines to get more clicks.

Here’s about How to Write a Blog post that gets 1000 views in a single day.

So, you are equipped with the tools, ideas, research. Now time to start the game and win.

Write, edit, and Publish must be your goal.

Because this is not just a blog that you wil be opening, you need to create the brand.

But all through the entire article, did you notice I have actually given links of my other blogs for your reference. I am trying to keep you on my blog. It’s a strategy. These will bring me customers and then increases my income. With more visitors on my site, I can add my blog to Google Adsense and more. It’s like I have a place that has a lot of audiences, people are going to pay me to commission to display their ads. And from every click, I get to earn.

Also did you see I am adding blogging referral links to tools like Ubersugest? These will bring me income if you use them and that is how I use affiliate marketing as a passive income stream from blogging.

Hence I’m selling my own product through the information on my blog and also refer you to the products I genuinely love and make it worth. Hence I’m helping you decide on what’s best.

You earn by helping people. You are guiding them to build their identity and their digital space and that my friends is how you earn through a blog.

How to Choose a Profitable Niche for your Blog and Write For Your Target Audience?

How to Choose a Profitable Niche for your Blog and Write For Your Target Audience?

What Holds Most Of Us Back?

The biggest problem that I ever faced while blogging was the choice of niche. I am sure even you want to start a blog but what to write about is holding you back. 

I started out as a vagabond writer trying to pen everything under the sun with a hat of a creative writer. But it lacked many things that I know today. 

I was a little aware of monetizing the blog, social media marketing, and SEO. It was a huge challenge to niche down the topic coupled with a strong marketing strategy to make the blog a success.

If you are here and yet to open a blog while searching for work-from-home income streams and stumbled upon many many articles that teach you how to start your blog. Then you are still in circles, you don’t know what to blog about! This is the hindrance.

So in this article, I hope to resolve the issue related to selecting your niche to start a successful blog.


Why Should You Start a Blog?

Every person is gifted with an innate ability to help another person. And over the years, skills can be built, learned and gained expertise. Some of you might be good at photography, singing, drawing, art, creative skills, management, professional skills and more. 

You can use your talent to help people resolve their problems through your blog. If you are having a website, then blogging is a way to generate leads. 

Note: You need not be an expert in any category while starting a blog! It’s a learning curve, learn to embrace it.

Niche is basically a category that you are going to blog about. There are millions of Niches but if you want to monetize the blog, it is better if it is a profitable niche that combines with your passion.

Why Select a Profitable Niche?

I started out as a poetess, short fiction writer, and was writing about everything under the sun. I didn’ think about my target audience. That, my friends, is a blunder.

The Niche you are going to choose is going to be profitable only if it helps people. If people are going to come to your blog space to get answers about painting and if you keep writing about cooking, dogs, tea-leaves, then you don’t get the trust of that particular set of audience who loves painting.

But if you are out there to just continue writing hardcore fiction as a hobby or journalling, then it’s fine, pour heart out on a free website. But if you want to monetize a.k.a Earn through Blogging

There is more to just writing.

You are not only blogging. You are building a billion-dollar business.

It means you have selected to solve people’s problems, find them the solutions, and more than that make a difference in their lives after reading your post. 

What’s Stopping You From Blogging?

Probably it’s been a really long time since blogging was on your mind. But you are still not blogging because you are not able to choose what to write about.

Here’s a mindset you need to inculcate, do not worry about SEO, SERP and all the fancy words for now. Just focus on the mindset. 

People are searching for solutions. 

I will provide them with answers and call to action conclusions! 

Hence let’s do some brainstorming!

Brainstorming Ideas To Choose Your Niche and Make It Profitable

To understand this perspective, you need to know about human needs, It is known as the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs where the human needs are segmented.

It is from here, you can brainstorm ideas, for eg: The Blogging niches are concerned in helping your reader fulfill their needs in terms of Physiological, safety, love/belonging, self-esteem, self-actualization.

physiological means home, shelter, food.

You can select the niche in this category. Let’s see a few examples 

Food blogger- one who travels and visits many hotels and eateries to review those places.

Cooking- You can open your own cooking blog/website and sell your recipe book as a digital product and become an affiliate to the many food products and earn a commission while promoting their brand.

Home- Design, interiors can be an amazing niche if you are interested and have an extraordinary eye for the design and architecture

Home- Decor, art, paintings. If you are an artist and you can paint sculpt, then definitely you can concentrate on this niche.

This is how you start analyzing each topic and start your own profitable blog.

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In the meantime, keeping these in mind, try answering the below questions to get a clearer idea because you need to be passionate as well as it requires you to be in the fields for a really long time!

  1. What do you usually search on the internet?
  2. What is that topic that keeps you hooked even while you are speaking to your peers?
  3. It might be movies, books, cooking, travel, photography, writing, business, technology.
  4. Now, I know we are interested in multiple things, but what is one thing that you gravitate the most to?

After jotting it down, I’m sure you are left with 2–3 options. Well, we love many things, don’t we? 

But, here’s the catch, narrow the damn thing down.

So now you know about the needs of the people and what you are interested in. To narrow it down you need to find the target audience.

 Whom are you writing for? How are you helping your readers?

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How to select your target audience?

Selecting the target audience needs a well-placed action plan. Take out your blogging journal: To keep a track of your blogging activities Or better maintain a Trello board, I totally love managing the blog from this tool!

Now, it’s time to answer the below question:

Whom are you writing for?

For example, I selected the Niche: Blogging

I would want to solve some of the reader problems and I make a few problems sentences that my reader is facing.

A reader who wants to open a blog

A reader who wants more traffic to his blog

A reader who wants to monetize his blog.

A reader who wants information about the latest SEO updates


If you select the niche as cooking, try solving the problem of a reader who:

A reader who wants to learn cooking

A reader who wants to learn south Indian Cooking/North-India cooking/Italian etc

A reader who wants to master the cooking art

A reader who has ingredients and looking for a recipe

So on and so forth.

And the list can go on: This is how you select your audience, by selecting what a reader is searching for. You need some data here, and that is why, analytics is an important concept to learn, monitor and to scale your blog.

So I hope I helped you with finding out the niche and narrowing it down. Better still, I have compiled a massive list of the profitable niche and the ideas. It is out there for free.

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