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If you get on Instagram and search IG coach, you will find digital Snehaa in the list. She is one of the youngest entrepreneurs who build her personal brand on the social media platform. She gained loyalty, trust of her followers, and monetized her account. She is an inspiration to million people out there with dreams. Let us read the interview of one of the fastest-growing personal brands in India.

How did your personal brand start?

Back in 2020. I heard the term digital marketing. This term looks so simple but it’s really powerful in this digital era. I was a 3rd-year student who was doing her graduation in bachelors of design from FDDI, Rohtak. My classmates were utilizing their time in designing various stuff and I was totally wasting my time watching series all day. One day I realized, I should improve myself. I started attending some webinars (which was useless for me). Luckily I was introduced to digital marketing and I loved it. I started researching it more deeply. I took a free course and completed it. After some days I realized I have implemented nothing. My mentor digital Deepak always says implementing is more important than learning. From that day I started taking action and made my brand. I created a website and started writing blogs, the blog was related to footwear as I am doing my graduation in designing. But I was not getting good results. I started an Instagram page to promote it but I was not getting the right way to start it. Meanwhile, I started spamming on Facebook due to which my blog url got blocked, and my interest in blogging was reduced. At that time only I started following some digital marketers and I saw a different version on Instagram. We all use Instagram for fun purposes but Instagram is a big business. I realized it and started working on building a business with my personal brand. New sneha was born digital sneha. I started creating content on digital marketing. As I was following so many big creators I used to learn from them a lot. They say you should always focus on the micro-niche. I did not know the power of micro-niche but I started focusing on micro-niche. Every time when I used to go live the questions I get is How to grow on IG and boom I got my micro-niche.


Why the name “Digital Snehaa”?

When I started digital marketing. Everywhere I was seeing one word digital. So I also kept it as digital snehaa (Haa.. I know it’s funny). But later on, realized I have two souls in me. The one is Sneha who loves to enjoy her life and waste her time whereas Sneha is so productive and always working on herself to improve her. It’s not easy to change Sneha to digital Sneha mode. But when it’s digital Sneha mode no way to go back to the previous mode. As digital Sneha loves and enjoys her work.


Could you elaborate on the initial struggles while building your personal brand?

Everyone struggles in their initial stage of the journey and I did too.

1. I am a big introvert: Usually I don’t interact with someone. But here I have to interact with everyone. I love interacting with people and knowing about them.

2. I am a camera-conscious person: Whenever I see a camera towards me I am not able to speak a single word. But this journey helped me to become a camera lover. This also has a long story. When I was having 200 followers in my account someone approached me and asked me to create an informational video for his page. I was so nervous at that time for creating a video and it was my first paid opportunity. It took me 1 week to create a 1 min video and after that I didn’t like that person’s behaviour. So I rejected that project but that project made me a confident person on camera.

3. Handling my college and side hustle: As I am a college student, it was really difficult for me to manage both things together.

4. No support from family: I was wasting my whole day in creating content but I was not able to earn from it due to which my family thought it was just a waste of time. So many times, I have heard that I should stop this work and focus on my studies.

5. Big following and bank account was empty: Even when I crossed a big milestone I was not able to make enough money. I was working so hard but no results were coming.


What was your childhood dream and how did that help you in your career?

To become famous and help others.
By working on Instagram I have built a strong personal brand of mine. People know me and it feels so good when they appreciate you for your work.
Helping others to convert their passion into a profitable business (my coaching program).


Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

As a big influencer and a coach in this digital world.


Who is your mentor in digital marketing?

My mentor in digital marketing is digital Deepak and he is the best. In his every word there is a different spark which helps you to become a better person in life. The best part of his is he is so down to earth even though he is such a big brand. When I was interviewed by him I was so excited and scared. About how it will go and firstly never expect that I would be interviewed. I was 1 of those 500 students who was interviewed. That was the best day of my life.


Everybody has a dream client to work with, who is yours?

My dream clients are all the content creators who want to explode their content creation journey to a coach. I see so many people are struggling in their journey and not able to make money even after so much hard work. I can see them in my place where I was a few months back. I can feel their pain. I want to help each and every content creator to get their dream client.


How important is establishing yourself as a personal brand?

To be very honest, a personal brand is really very important for everyone. Nowadays everyone is shifting digitally. Everyone is active on at least one platform. So why waste time anywhere. It will be so good if people know you and recognize you. It feels like a celebrity ( seriously I am not kidding). Choose any one platform it may be Instagram, LinkedIn, youtube, podcast and start working on it. When you become stable in one then shift your platform. Because for a brand it’s really important to have a presence on each and every platform.


How do you balance content creation, coaching, clients and family?

It’s not that easy but I have to manage it in any way. The worst part is each and every thing is important whether it is content creation, coaching or client and even family. Time management is hell important for a solopreneur. I always do time management so that I miss nothing.
One piece of advice for the people who were economically hit by the pandemic. How can they make a future in this digital world?
I guess the best thing in this whole pandemic is we all shifted digitally. We are attending our school meeting webinars all digitally. This is high time to shift digitally. Because if you are still waiting to get things better you have wasted a lot of time and are still wasting. So Stop
wasting time and start analyzing the digital world and start doing it right away. I absolutely agree its not that easy to shift digitally but it doesn’t mean we will not try.





Brunda Sunil

Brunda Sunil

Founder & SEO Content Strategist

She loves all things words. Having worked as an SEO content writer for seven years in different industries. She now passionately works as an SEO content strategist and entrepreneur. She helps start-ups, solopreneurs and personal brands with high-quality SEO content for generating organic traffic through content strategy and a holistic SEO approach to rank the client’s website on google’s first page.

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