Meenakshi Lohani- Building Brands With Words!

Today, we are going to meet a person who has fallen head over heels with words. She has a way with words that makes a person stop scrolling and read what she has to say, a power, I might add. To influence people, through the magic of words alone.

Meenakshi Lohani is a content and copywriter who specializes in writing long-form blogs, ad copies, and landing pages. Throughout her career, she has worked with Indian and global clients, in B2B and B2C domains.

Her writing is a mix of stats and stories. She thoroughly understands the importance of data-driven content in today’s era. To date, she has helped businesses (from different nooks and corners) with personalized, thoughtful, analytical content, which generates visibility, leads, and revenue. 

After years of experience in content creation, she is now building her personal brand on LinkedIn, inspiring people and creating opportunities for herself. Read about her brand journey here.

1. How did #wordsbymeenakshi start?

Honestly, it came out of the blue. When the first wave of pandemic hit us, I was doing nothing. Except for celebrating my one-month marriage anniversary.. Lol! That’s when I decided to explore LinkedIn wholeheartedly. I started posting content and interacting with people in my network. At that stage, I was stuck at 250 followers. Eventually, my posts started gaining traction, which pushed me to venture out of my comfort zone and share more of my own experiences and opinions. 

In short, I started embracing the platform. That’s when #wordsbymeenakshi was born. It was purely accidental. Despite that, I was able to attract clients, build a community and collaborate with people like you 😉

2. Why did you choose the Linkedin platform to build your personal brand?

I’ve been hooked on the platform for years. Earlier, LinkedIn was seen as a platform for finding jobs and internships, but since the last two years, it has transitioned like sooo much!

LinkedIn has now become a networking channel. It’s a place to develop long-term relationships. Besides getting business, you can also learn, evolve, and be inspired by your community. Which is why I decided to embark on it. The reach is wonderful. The kind of relationships I’ve built on LinkedIn have been very meaningful to me. I wanted to reach the masses, make myself known to my target audience and here I’m today 🙂Also, LinkedIn is a global platform. You get to connect with people all across the globe, with no barriers. Isn’t that amazing..? 

3. Which Niche do you prefer writing the most?

Alright.. So I started out as a generic writer- like I would be like, “throw me anything and I’ll handle that.” Initially, I wrote for parenting, home decor, lifestyle, travel, real estate, healthcare, fashion, pet care, digital marketing, education,.. I could go on and on.. This continued for 2 years, but now I only take clients from B2B industries. I love writing blogs for B2B marketing, tech, healthcare, edtech. I call myself a blog writer (long-form blogs are my go-to). Aside from that, I also specialize in managing LinkedIn business pages, IG Captions, ad copies, etc. 

4. How did building your personal brand impact your career?

It had a massive impact on my career. I still pat myself on the back for making that move. When I was a full-time writer with no personal brand, I followed other people’s instructions. I was short of some major skills. I sucked at communicating my ideas. I constantly second-guessed myself. 

My personal brand (irrespective of the stage it’s in currently) helped me gain confidence, visibility, and loads of new learning along the way. It allowed me to collaborate with so many amazing people out there. I talk to a bunch of like-minded people every now and then. The power of networking on LinkedIn is surreal. This page helped me attract work not only as a freelancer but also a lot of companies reached out to me and asked if I could join their organization. I’m recognized and appreciated for being a thought leader in my industry. In addition to knowing me as a professional, some people also know who I am as a person. So, #wordsbymeenakshi has truly been a game-changer in my career. I owe it to the platform, day in and day out. 

5. Who is your target audience?

Guest blog editors, Editors (in general), Marketing Head, Content Strategists, Content Lead, Content Managers, Sales Head, CEO/CTO (startups-mid-size), budding freelancers (especially when I’m looking out for delegation). 

6. Which is the most profitable skill people have to learn to ace in this post-pandemic era?

According to me, adaptability, communication, confidence, consistency, and a resilient mindset is the need of the hour. 

Whether it’s about securing opportunities or navigating the current landscape, upskilling is a must. The more skills you’ve, the better! We’ve seen layoffs, drops in demand of product/services, blah, blah! To reduce such circumstances, it is important to upskill in a highly volatile market. And when I say, it’s not just plain learning but actionable learning- the one you can apply and take advantage of as soon as possible. 

7. What is your inspiration to write?

Writing is my passion. I’ve been writing since I was in school. Initially, the idea was to write down my thoughts on a paper. Gradually, it helped me become a better writer. Speaking of inspiration- I like to see myself emerge stronger and sharper with each new day. I aim to be gold at my craft so I can help more and more people. The hunger to ace my craft is what keeps me going. It’s been 8 years of writing (like professionally) and the desire to get better has never diminished. I write daily. I write even when I don’t feel like it. It’s like oxygen to me. The minute I stopped, I’m gone. It just works that way. 

8. What is one thing you were interested in as a child that helped you in your career?

I wanted to be a teacher as a child. I still laugh at how I would have fun with games like “teacher-teacher” Lol!! As I grew up, I wanted to be an anchor. I used to read the news in the school assembly. I participated in annual events and even hosted some functions- All of that required me to communicate effectively in public. It didn’t happen at once, of course! But, The entire process of showing up confidently, speaking in English in front of school teachers and batchmates enabled me to organize my thoughts. I always aimed to be in the spotlight. It instilled in me the traits of a leader- hahaha!. It helped me conquer the fear of being judged. I was heavily involved in co-curricular activities. To put it in simple words- Public speaking, the confidence, and the drive to succeed has, in a huge way, helped me blossom into the person I am today. 

9. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

My plans are nonexistent. Or I’d like to put it this way- I like to be there (in the moment). I do invest in short-term goals- I’m striving to scale my side-hustle. I hope to be a more refined version of myself down the line. Apart from it- expansion, delegation, taking up better opportunities, helping a lot of people is like an \everyday chore to me. The more things go unplanned, the better 😉

  1. Who is your favorite author?

Currently, I’m not reading as much as I did in the past, tbh! Nonetheless, I adore Hemingway, Mark Manson, Dale Carnegie, James Clear, to name a few!

Check out her profile and be inspired

LinkedIn profile – Meenakshi Lohani

If you have a project then reach out to her through her mail Id



Brunda Sunil

Brunda Sunil

Founder & SEO Content Strategist

She loves all things words. Having worked as an SEO content writer for seven years in different industries. She now passionately works as an SEO content strategist and entrepreneur. She helps start-ups, solopreneurs and personal brands with high-quality SEO content for generating organic traffic through content strategy and a holistic SEO approach to rank the client’s website on google’s first page.

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