James Greene- Founder Of Hustle Full Throttle

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  • A personal brand is an asset, adds credibility, and can open doors that would otherwise not be there prior.

This is the fertile age for start-ups. But there is a high percentage of businesses that don’t make it into success. The reasons might be many, but legal illiteracy can become such a hindrance to growth. A business has to be legally backed and ready for any risk that is going to pass them. To help people start their businesses and run them successfully, we have James Greene, a business coach whose primary aim is to provide legal resources and help to aspiring entrepreneurs so that their business can thrive without any backlashes from the legal end.

Isn’t this something that all of the entrepreneurs, business owners crave for. Someone, who has  knowledge for both business and the law. So let’s read what James Greene has to offer us and how he grew into a strong personal brand.

 1. Why did you choose the legal and business niche together?

This was always the dream I envisioned since high school. I knew I loved business and I knew I loved working with legal materials. When I was in Senior year of high school, I took a Dual-Enrollment class at the local community college which happened to be Business Law. It was from that point on I knew this is exactly my goal. However I do it, I would mix business and law and enjoy what I am doing. Before attending law school, I started my first business while in College which was the best thing I ever could have done. It showed me so much insight into the struggles, issues, and challenges that new entrepreneurs deal with when launching a business. Now as an attorney in Florida I am able to also work directly with business owners and help them in all aspects of their business.

2. What are the Three fundamental rules that every business owner must be aware of while opening a business?

The Top 3 Rules all business owners must know:

  1. ALWAYS use contracts. Without a contract, there is no proof of what was agreed to. I see so many business owners lose time and money due to overlooking this point. A contract protects all parties involved and does not need to be as intimidating as they may first seem. Finding a great attorney or resources to obtain templates is always a great idea. This is why I am creating a new business offering where business owners can easily access contract templates for less than what an attorney will charge.
  2. Make sure you have your business set up properly. I always call this a Strong Legal Foundation. This includes your business entity, agreements between the partners, bank accounts, etc. You can create the best business concept ever, but it can crumble without a legal foundation.
  3. Never Give Up. It gets hard at times and you will want to quit, but the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is the ones who push through the hardest times. The first idea may not be it, nor the second or third, but keep trying and keep pushing forward. There will be the day you have a breakthrough.

 3. What was your childhood dream and has it helped you in choosing this career?

I had an interesting progression of career dreams. In elementary school I started my fascination with the law field. Back then it was a police officer, then in Middle School it became an FBI Agent, and then in High School I knew I wanted to become an Attorney. In addition, I always wanted to start a business. I did not know exactly what it would be for awhile, but it certainly worked out so far.

 4. What is your business all about?

I have a few businesses running at the moment. 


Ryft Media is a digital marketing agency where we help clients promote their business through content and paid advertising.

Hustle Full Throttle is a holistic business coaching platform offering Business Coaching programs that provides business owners proven strategies that help to build their business, a balance of business strategy, mindset, and hands on support. I developed a new Unlimited Coaching strategy that allows business owners to get the help they need when they need it rather than being stuck to a set call schedule. I find that to be the biggest downside to many coaching programs because sometimes you need an answer right then or within a day, not within a week or more.

One of my next big projects is developing a business focused around providing legal resources and education to entrepreneurs. It will be a platform where you can obtain information about legal aspects of business in easy to understand forms as well as gaining access to resources such as contact templates to help protect your business. I am really excited for this platform because it is furthering my main goal and also providing a much needed resource to any entrepreneur.

 5. When did this idea of helping entrepreneurs especially with the legal part of the business form?

When I went through the steps of starting my first business I came across a HUGE learning curve and many issues that came up over the years. But the key aspect for almost all of it was it could be avoided if we knew better the first time around. I could see how much help entrepreneurs needed and finding the answers was not as easy as it should be. I wanted to take the knowledge I accumulated over the years and be able to help others avoid the costly mistakes and also make sure they are protected.

 6. Which social media platform do you prefer to create more content?

I really love TikTok! That single platform is what ignited everything that I am doing now because I was able to provide such great needed value and begin building a personal brand. I find it so easy for me to create content and I enjoy doing it, which I always think is important. At least not until recently, Instagram was always about photos and content that I did not enjoy creating so it was never my favorite. Luckily now I am able to repurpose the content I create with TikTok through multiple platforms.

 7. How important is showing up as a personal brand important in this digital time?

I think this is extremely important in today’s time. A personal brand is very valuable and can help further your mission and goals. So many people have such valuable knowledge that they do not share with anyone else and if they were to they too could build a personal brand. A personal brand is an asset, adds credibility, and can open doors that would otherwise not be there prior.

 8. Can you help our audience by breaking one popular business myth?

The biggest myth I always see is you need to know what you are doing before you can launch a business. It does not matter what you know, what degrees you have, what past experience you have. All of these things can be learned as you build. While of course prior knowledge helps with launching a business, it should not ever stop someone in their tracks. Go and launch that business. Whether it fails or succeeds you tried and that is what matters. Failure is only a great lesson for the next round, embrace failure and things can become easier for you.

 9. What are your plans for the next five years?

Over the next 5 years I am focusing on building up my vision. In the end I am going to create a platform that entrepreneurs can easily go to when they need legal resources, education, and services. I find it super exciting to be able to hone in something I enjoy so much. In addition, I want to start making angel investments into early-stage startups. This has always been a goal of mine and I cannot think of anything better to pursue. The current startup era is amazing with the amount of talent and business concepts being developed right now, I am excited to see the next concepts to become huge in the coming years.

 10. Where can one connect to you?

Always feel free to reach out and ask any questions! You can find me through any of these:

My website: https://www.hustlefullthrottle.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamesagreene/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@jamesbusinesstips

Email: james@hustlefullthrottle.com

So if you are someone who is starting out or looking ways to market your business, James Greene is the person. Do reach out to him on his social media channels and his website. Get on a call with him and be legally well informed. This will help you better decision making and having your business thrive.

James Greene is sure one strong personal brand genuinely helping people out while creating a greater impact.


Brunda Sunil

Brunda Sunil

Founder & SEO Content Strategist

She loves all things words. Having worked as an SEO content writer for seven years in different industries. She now passionately works as an SEO content strategist and entrepreneur. She helps start-ups, solopreneurs and personal brands with high-quality SEO content for generating organic traffic through content strategy and a holistic SEO approach to rank the client’s website on google’s first page.

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